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How to Remove / Replace your Asus A Series A46C Laptop Keyboard

Prior to replacing your Asus A Series A46C laptop keyboard, make sure to remove the battery and disconnect the ac adapter from your laptop.

The first step to replacing your laptop keyboard is to remove the screws from the back of your Asus A Series A46C. Sometimes your laptop will have a picture of a keyboard next to the screws that need to be removed. Otherwise, see your A46C laptop manual for details.

Above your Asus A46C laptop keyboard, you have a cover panel. If required, remove this part to easily access your Asus keyboard.

If you have screws above your Asus A Series A46C Keyboard, remove those screws.

Now that you have removed all the screws, you are ready to remove and then replace your new Asus A46C laptop keyboard.

To remove your A46C Keyboard, take a thin object and pry the keyboard out between the keyboard and motherboard. Be careful when removing your Asus A Series A46C Keyboard.

Now that your keyboard is loose, simply disconnect your Asus A46C keyboard. In order to disconnect the keyboard, pay attention to the keyboard connector and connector cable. Unlock the connector cable device and remove your laptop keyboard. Your Asus A46C connector cable should be easy to remove by simply sliding it out.

Now that your A46C keyboard has been removed, get ready to install your new Asus A46C laptop keyboard. Look at the back of the keyboard. If you see any screw holes, you will have a good idea of where to place the screws back in at the bottom of your Asus A Series A46C laptop.

Connect your Asus A46C keyboard to the motherboard keyboard connection slot. Secure the A46C keyboard cable. Now turn your keyboard in place, and align the grooves on the bottom of your keyboard with your palmrest or plastic bezel. Secure your laptop keyboard in place, make sure it fits properly and is snug. Now simply place the screws back in place.

Congratulations! You just removed and replaced your New Asus A Series A46C Laptop Keyboard.